Community-contributed Hugo themes, showcased at, are hosted in a centralized GitHub repository. The Hugo Themes Repo itself at is really a meta repository which contains pointers to set of contributed themes.

Installing all themes

If you would like to install all of the available Hugo themes, simply clone the entire repository from within your working directory. Depending on your internet connection the download of all themes might take a while.

NOTE: Make sure you’ve installed Git on your computer. Otherwise you will not be able to clone the theme repositories.

$ git clone --depth 1 --recursive themes

Before you use a theme, remove the .git folder in that theme’s root folder. Otherwise, this will cause problem if you deploy using Git.

Installing a specific theme

Switch into the themes directory and download a theme by replacing URL_TO_THEME with the URL of the theme repository, e.g.

$ cd themes
$ git clone URL_TO_THEME

Alternatively, you can download the theme as .zip file and extract it in the themes directory.

NOTE: Please have a look at the file that is shipped with all themes. It might contain further instructions that are required to setup the theme, e.g. copying an example configuration file.